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"In Hell. Call me back later, fucker."
NAME: Beck.
PERSONAL LJ: </a></b></a>bwhahahabeck
EMAIL/MESSENGER(S): badgerred[at]gmail[dot]com | BETER RETRELLI (AIM)
NAME: Barrel.
FANDOM: Nightmare Before Christmas.
CANON SYNOPSIS: Barrel is the youngest out of three, naughty, little children: two years younger than Shock, and one year younger than Lock. The identity of his parents are unknown, and unimportant as he probably has absolutely no emotional attachment to them any way.

The neighborhood knows them as Lock, Shock, and Barrel collectively as they are barely seen without each other. He grew up in Halloweentown as an avid trick-or-treater with a knack for wreaking havoc with his older siblings. They often run around, playing deadly tricks on the inhabitants. The only two people they fear are Jack Skellington (the Pumpkin King) and Oogie Boogie (the Boogeyman). However, unlike with Jack, they actually show Oogie Boogie some respect. Most likely, because they fear him more. They are often running errands for the men, and double-crossing both of them all over the place.

In Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack asks the siblings to do him a favor - kidnap Mr. Sandy Claws, so he can take over Halloween. Jumping into their moving bath tub (piloted by Barrel), they mistakenly capture the Easter Bunny first, and Jack remedies this mistake. Then they set off again, and successful kidnap the jolly man, but bring him to Oogie Boogie's layer despite Jack clearly saying to leave him out of it. They watch Oogie Boogie torture Sandy Claws and Sally (Jack's beau) before Jack scares them out of their wits, sending them running for the Mayor.

Barrel is very short and chubby with deformed feet and slicked back hair. He is constantly wearing a Joker-like grin on his face, never faltering except for when he's angry. His siblings often tease him for being fat and dumb, but he's actually quite intelligent and the most resourceful of the threesome. Also, despite being bullied around, he's loyal to Shock and Lock. ♥ He will stand up for them even though he's the youngest of the batch.
ONORATA-VERSE BACKGROUND: On Halloween, two unimportant people welcomed a fat baby into the world. They named him something equally unimportant, and raised him with his two older siblings in a beautiful, boring home. So boring with a white picket fence, and a boring everything that the three children grew restless as they grew older. It came to a point where they itched to break the monotony, and ran to the streets to go 'trick-or-treating', and it wasn't for candy or pranks.

They made their own little gang, giving themselves the names Lock, Shock, and Barrel. Barrel would engage in torturing poor, little kids or animals and tripping on acid - his version of the Halloween activity. They were truly deranged kiddies, and as they got more involved in the heavy stuff, the farther they gravitated from their perfect home and expensive schooling.

It all exploded one evening when all three siblings ran away together into the night. They lived off of the streets, in alley ways, in abandoned apartments - anywhere like the rotten apples and street cats they were. They had to be careful to escape the police, searching for them frantically on the request of their parents. When it was called off, the children came out of the shadows.

It was then they heard about this cool party house 'Monacello' with freebies and some kick ass people. They joined their ranks as soldiers - better than being called 'those rascals'. The mafia sounded sketchy, but they gave them a roof over their head, and sometimes free 'candy' and 'treats' to play with. It was questionable whether their short attention spans could take staying in one place for long though.

And then he came along. There was one man that convinced them to stay for good. Tom Marvolo Riddle was young, cute, and charming. He had them spell bound, and earned their loyalty and trust.

At age sixteen, Barrel became a Monacello soldier. He was excited and gleeful, cooking up plans for havoc and mayhem.
ALIGNMENT: Monacello.
RANK: Soldier.